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​​​​   Welcome at our wallcovering webshop : wallpaper-expert  (behangexpert in Dutch) ​​

Situated in the Netherlands our company has been specialized in selling wallpapers of mainly Dutch, German and Scandinavian brands. We ship these wallpapers worldwide and have a great variety of customers : 
not only end-users but also traders, retail, hotels, shops, restaurants, kafes, interior designers, architects, painters and stand builders.
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The Netherlands
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  • BN Doodleedo 300438 Mural Discovery
    BN Doodleedo 300438 Mural Discovery

    BN Doodleedo

    artikelnummer : 300438

    afmeting fotowand : 400cm breed x 280cm hoog

    aantal delen : 8 stuks van 50cm breed

    materiaal : vlak vliesbehang

    verwerking : muur inlijmen

    lijmadvies : vlieslijm gratis…

    € 447,45
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